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Marianne McGinnis created Lady God after a funny conversation with her funny sister. It seemed to fit the ideas she created her paintings around. It is the idea that we women are Gods too. We can stand in the reflection of ourselves, we can make our own way in this city and this world. She has been painting for more than 30 years. She learned how at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Although she found the academic classes boring, now she values that she learned anatomy and figure drawing and portraiture from the masters. She lives in Brooklyn (but not the cool part) where she continues to create a narrative body of work that centers on the lively, flashy, colorfully diverse women of NYC's street style scene. She wants to be self supporting through her artwork, eschewing the gallery scene that is difficult to enter and which takes up to 60% of an artists profit. This is her website, this is her gallery. She hopes that you will connect to something here and love living with real artwork.